I’m a web designer and developer based in Los Angeles, CA.

I specialize in creating and fine-tuning business’ online presence through content creation, social media marketing, SEO, and of course, building websites.

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front-end web development

I use efficient, contemporary, and clean code. Web development has come a long way, so it's crucial to keep up with the current best practices and trends in development.

I use HTML to create the framework, and CSS to style the HTML. Styling with CSS is one of my favorite things to do and I have a strong attention to detail. Javascript makes stuff happen, like animations or toggling a hamburger menu open/closed. I've used the Javascript library React.js for my recent projects. I've been loving the ability to reuse components and the ease of use. I use Github to keep everything organized and Github pages to host websites when I can.

graphic & UX design

With most people living a huge part of their lives online, it's becoming increasingly important for your online presence to properly represent you. With the right imagery and wording you can effectively communicate your message to your desired audience.

In order to design a website and all of it's components, I use Adobe Tools. I use After Effects and Lottie Files to create simple animations (like the ones on this website). I also work with Blender to create beautiful 3D animations and graphics.

prefer a web builder over code?

Sometimes, clients don't need something super custom and prioritize quick and frequent updates. If this sounds like you, I can build a website for you using a web builder. This is faster for me to create (and cheaper!). Once set up, you'll be able to log in and make further changes on your own if you'd like!

developing your dream website

A custom website built just for you



You'll get:

+ Adobe Xd file
+ All color hex codes, fonts, and styles
+ All assets
+ 2-3 rounds of revisions (if needed)



Depending on your needs, you'll get EITHER:

A.) Code in html + css + js
B.) An account with the desired web builder

You'll also get:
+ A fully responsive site (so it will look great on tablets and mobile as well
+ 1 more revision



Depending on your needs, I may:
+ Set up a hosting account

I will definitely:
+ Set up meta data for seo and social media sharing
+ Add a browser icon



Web builders and hosting services require a monthly or yearly cost.

If I’m needed for any edits or changes, I charge an hourly rate.

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I am currently open to collaborations and offers. Let's work together.