Easy Passive Income with Digital Products

Camila Paleno

May 3, 2022

Are you a graphic designer, artist, or photographer? There's a way for you to make money selling your work on Etsy without the hassle of making/shipping any products! I'm a landscape photographer with a travel bug, so I have thousands of photos of landscapes all over the world that used to just sit on my computer. I decided to start selling my prints on Etsy, which was great for a while. However, I began to realize that printing, packaging, and shipping photos was expensive and time consuming, and not really worth the actual profit I was making. 


One day, I stumbled across a listing on Etsy labeled “Digital Download”. And that's all it was, a listing you paid to download right onto your computer. I had an epiphany: I should instead just sell a downloadable version of my prints for a cheaper price so my customers could print them out themselves. It would remove all work on my end aside from making the actual listing. 


Now, payment from any order I get is put right into my bank account. I don't have to do anything. My customers are happy because they save money as well, and don't have to wait as long to get the prints since they do it themselves. 


I believe this can work for any creative out there. If you have a product like a print, graphics, animations, etc. that can be downloaded, this is worth a try. I recommend looking through Etsy to see what is popular for your particular niche, and giving it a try. On Etsy, the more listings you have, the better. I currently have about 20, but hear that if you can have over 100, it's much easier to have sales. Imagine how much time you can save and money you can make by simply listing your art as digital downloads!



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