What It's Like Having a Remote Job

Camila Paleno

May 3, 2022

I think many of us have started working from home since the pandemic began, whether we liked it or not. I graduated college June 2021, so I've never actually had a corporate job that wasn't remote. Strange times.


Working remotely is not for everyone, but it absolutely can be a huge benefit to some. I personally have found that I can have a great work-life balance this way, despite the drawbacks. Here are my pros and cons:


Pro: I don't have to wake up crazy early to commute in Los Angeles rush hour traffic.

I live in West LA, and unless my hypothetical in-person job was a few blocks away, I would be waking up super early to get to work by 8 or 9am. Working remotely, I can actually have a nice morning routine, make myself a good breakfast, and maybe even go on a little walk, all before work starts. 


Con: It's easy to forget to leave the house.

I now have to make a conscious effort to actually leave my apartment. With an in-person job, you're practically forced to get outside and get some steps in every single work day. 


Pro: I can spend more time with friends and loved ones

I've found that on days where I don't have many meetings, I can spend time working with friends at a coffee shop or at home with my parents. Although I'm working, it's very nice to be in the presence of people I would usually only be able to see on the weekends.


Con: Little to no work culture

I got lucky with this one, because the higher-ups at my job insist on regular meetings and occasional in-person dinners. But many remote jobs can feel very isolating because you're often working completely alone all day with minimal contact with coworkers aside from emails. Zoom meetings are not the same as in person meetings- it's difficult to have small talk, learn about your coworkers life, etc.


I'll be adding to this list as time goes on, but ultimately, I love my remote job. As long as I make an effort to spend time outside of my apartment when I can through out the week, I feel like it allows me a great amount of flexibility that I would not have with an in-person job.



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